Why Air-Tite?


The Air-Tite Advantage

An educated buyer is a better customer.

Great Products quality and a personal customer relationship is what our family owned company is famous for. We help every customer understand the difference in quality, reliability and safety, giving you and your family the advantage and needed to find an investment that can be enjoyed for years to come.

Shopping Tips

What to look for in a window company.

  • Dealer with on-site service department
  • AAA Rating with Better Buisness Bureau
  • Quality control foreman on site
  • Skilled, experienced craftsmen
  • Licensed, bonded and insured
  • Available references





Shopping Tip #1


 • Salespeople who spend very little time on your estimate.

This is the most common sales strategy. This enables them to quote you the lowest price. Remember, you get what you pay for. If you, the homeowner, concentrate only on the price, they have you right where they want you. there are many different levels of quality in the marketplace and they will use that against you. it is very common in the industry for a window dealer to take a low priced agreement, then switch the product level without the customer's knowledge! By doing this, they can stretch out their profit even more.

It's also very common for them to just count your windows (without a detailed measure), and never show you the window product. Commonly they supply your quote on the back of a business card or new window brochure. They might also send the quote weeks later in the mail. Window dealers, such as the above, will always cut corners on the quality of the product level and/or the installation.

Watch out for the Corner Cutter! If they cut corners on your estimate, they will cut corners on your home as well.

Shopping Tip #2


 • Salespeople who exert a lot of pressure or offer you special deals if you sign today!

"Pressure Pitchers" force you to make decisions before you feel comfortable. This sales approach usually comes from telemarketers at night or dealers that spend up to Three months selling you on their top-of-the-line product only. They are trained to pressure you to sign the contract at the first sitting. Expect your quote to be four times the regular price! intentional sticker shock. they hope you'll sign up at that price. If you don't agree to that price they will negotiate with their manager to get you a "special: deal. Of course, you'll have to sign today. if you still decline they will offer a reduce their price again for using your home as a picture reference. After all of these prices reductions, guess what? the Total price is still up to 200% higher than the going rate! Many times the consumer actually receive a lower grade product than the on they were shown. Note: All levels of windows are designed to look the same! "Pressure Pitchers" don't care about repeat business. They want your sale now, and usually will offer to remortgage your home to do it!

Shopping Tip #3


 • Window dealers who don't rush your decision, and answer any questions you have on the spot.

Don't be discouraged, there are a few great companies out there. These dealers will sell you the window that is right for you and your budget. be prepared to talk through the many different levels of product and what features are important to your specific application. Make sure you understand the difference in quality, reliability and safety of your choices. the information on this website should provide a great starting point to build on with your dealer. Remember: Don't be afraid to ask questions!



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